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Model 24-Gun Frigate HMS «Pandora»


HMS «Pandora» was a 24gun Sixth Rate built at Deptford in 1779. The 20 and 24gun classes were the smallest regularly commanded by a Post Captain and they were consequently known as post ships; they were also the smallest frigate--built ships on the Navy List. The Pandora is best known for her voyage to Tahiti which was undertaken to bring back the Bounty mutineers.

The model of a frigate «Pandora» is constructed in the classical Admiralty style, by well-known Russian master Narim Majgeldinov. The model of a frigate differs the highest skill, accuracy and accuracy.

The frigate is constructed of wood of a pear and an ebony. Metal details are made of a brass with application of chemical processing. Process of creation of model is shown here

Scale 1:48  
Long: 780mm 
Width: 205mm 

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