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Model of 18 - gun corvette "Andromache"


Scale models - 1:48
Model corvette "Andromache" built the famous Russian master Michael Bezverhny.

The history of the ship:

18 - gun corvette of the Imperial Black Sea Fleet "Andromache" was founded 06.19.1840 city, launched on 20.07.1841, at became part of the Black Sea Fleet.

In 1842 and 1843. Greece was at the disposal of the Russian envoy. In 1844, the detachment operated off the coast of the Caucasus. In June and July 1845 the squadron was in practice swimming in the Black Sea, and then went to the Mediterranean Sea.

In December 1845 in Palermo he joined the detachment of Vice-Admiral Litke, committed by foreign journey in order seamanship General-Admiral Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich. The detachment went to the Mediterranean in the summer of 1846 he returned to Sevastopol. In 1847, he was at the Caucasian coast, in 1848 and 1849. I went to Greece. In 1850 and 1851. I was in practical sailing with a squadron in the Black Sea (two months per year) and as part of groups acting from the Caucasian coast.

In June and July 1853 he has cruised m. Hersonissos. 17.09-02.10 in the squadron of Vice-Admiral Nakhimov transported from Sevastopol to Sukhum-Kale 13th Infantry Division (delivered 250 Brest regiment), then worked at the Caucasian coast.

He took part in the Crimean War of 1853-1856. 07.11.1853 of the detachment of Vice-Admiral LM Serebryakov fired strengthening of St.. Nicholas (south of Poti), captured by the Turks, but because of the outbreak of the storm detachment was forced to go to sea and return to Sevastopol. In 1854 he was in the ship's bay.

The corvette was sunk 27/8/1855, with the abandonment of Sevastopol Russian troops.

Dimensions: length - 37,5 m, width - 11.4 m, draft - 4.5 m.
Armament: 18 guns (24-lb).
Crew: 190 people.

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