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Model of the Linear ship "Panteleymon-Vyctoria"


66 gun ship Panteleymon Victoria

The construction of this ship began on the 22nd of March 1719 in St Petersburg under the direction of well known shipwright Blais Pangalo and she first sailed on the 27th of July 1721. The ship was named in honour of the Gangut (1714) and Grengam (1720) Battle victories. Between 1722 and 1727 the ship was part of the Baltic squadron and was involved in exploration of the gulf of Finland.

This model of the 66 gun ship was constructed by master model builder Alexei Baranov. It is genuinely a unique model as it is the first one ever constructed since the real vessel itself was built! Archival documents are being used in her construction.

Artificial ageing of all woods and metals in being used to give it a museum piece feel.  Woods used include Pear, Ebony and Boxwood and metal details have been made from alloys of silver, copper, brass and steel.

Scale: 1:48. 
It is long: 1520 mm 
Width: 730 mm 
Height: 1230 mm 


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