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Model of the frigate Aurora 1835


Model of the Russian frigate Aurora. The master was built by Alexander Shumeiko on a scale of 1:75.

Aurora is a sailing frigate of the Russian Imperial fleet of the “Hurried” type of 44-gun rank, but in fact was in service, at different times, from 54 to 58 guns.

In the middle of the 19th century, the Aurora, the last of Russian military sailboats, made a round-the-world voyage under the command of I. N. Izylmetyeva.

Among the officers of the frigate there were many outstanding researchers and famous sailors in the future: G. I. Nevelskoy, K. F. Litke, N. A. Fesun, M. P. Tyrol, and other progressive people of their time.

Laid November 23, 1833 at the Okhtensky shipyard. The construction was supervised by the lieutenant colonel of the Corps of Ship Engineers I. A. Amosov. Lowered July 27, 1835, became part of the Baltic Fleet.

It is believed that the name of the frigate was given personally by Emperor Nicholas I. Some sources claim that he ordered to name the new ship "in honor of one of the most beautiful women of St. Petersburg" - Aurora Karlovna Demidova-Karamzina (nee Baroness Shernval von Wallen), maids of honor Empress Alexandra Feodorovna .

Other sources claim that the frigate was named, as it was then fashionable, in honor of the Roman goddess of the morning dawn Aurora.

The frigate made two voyages around the world, heroically participated in the defense of Petropavlovsk and the evacuation of the garrison in 1855.

The Aurora round-the-world transition ended in Kronstadt on June 1, 1857. Three years nine months and 21 days the Far East cruise continued.

On April 8, 1861, it was excluded from the lists of ships of the Baltic Fleet and sold for scrapping, and the name of the frigate was traditionally transferred to the 1st rank cruiser.


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