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Model of the ship "Prins Willem"


The ôPrins Willemö was the largest flagship of Dutch East India Company and also its pride. She was adorned with beautiful lions, nymphs, dolphins and saluting angels. The first voyage to Batavia (5 May 1651) was a safe one. However, on her return she was converted and put into action as a warship against the English. For a period of about a year she became the flagship of Admiral Witte de Wit (born 1599 at Den Briel), who was in charge of keeping the Channel open to Dutch trading ships. From 1653 she became a successful trading ship again, plying between The Netherlands and East India.

The model is constructed under the book źPrins Willem╗ 1651 the ship of the Dutch East indian company of 17 centuries╗. At construction of model pear, tic, copper, brass is used. The technology of ageing of metal and wood is used. Guns are made of a brass. The model of the ship was constructed by known master Vitaly Anahin.

Scale: 1:64
It is long: 1195 mm
Width: 485 mm
Height: 910 mm


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