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Model of the Imperial yacht "Queen Victoria"

Queen Victoria

In 1839 the young English Queen Victoria met Russian Emporer Alexander the Second at a party and fell in love with him. However, Alexander the Second had already been promised to Princess Maria Gessensky and Victoria would marry Prince Saksen- Koburgcky of the Albert Dynasty despite her love for Alexander the Second.

Six years later Alexander the Second visit to England the Queen constructed a dockyard on the Isle of Wight near Southampton and built a yacht called "Queen Victoria" which was subsequently given to Alexander the Second in 1846 in St Petersburg. Alexander the Second presented the yacht to his brother Grand Duke Konstantin.

Despite the Crimean war and political tensions between the nations "Queen Victoria" regularly served Russian monarchy as a floating residence for 17 years.

The model of the Queen Victoria was constructed in 2007 by well known ship modeling master Alexey Baranov. It is the most detailed reproduction of the vessel ever constructed using original and archival documents. This model participated in the all Russian competition and won the St Petersburg University cup.

This model was constructed from Pear and Ebony and the metal details are made from Silver and Brass.

Scale: 1:32.
Length: 1600mm;
Height: 120mm;
Width: 320mm;


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