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Personal site of Alexey Baranov

Ship models presented on the site illustrate the possibilities of the best masters of Russia.

Any re-copy or other interests of the customer project can only be built to order.

Currently, the master Alexei Baranov is finishing the construction of the Imperial yacht "Standart" and the Imperial yacht "Queen Victory"

To obtain information or to initiate preliminary negotiations for the order model of the ship, make your request in a free form to e-mail: or call mobile: +38 (066) 098 92 38, or Skype: zhvakogals

Ship models

Queen Victoria

Model of the Imperial yacht "Queen Victoria"

Currently, the famous Russian master is finishing the construction of the model of the Imperial yacht "Queen Victoria". The scale of the model is 1:32



The Imperial Yacht "Standart"

The model of the Imperial Yacht "Standart" is currently being completed by the famous Russian master Alexei Baranov. The scale of the model is 1:48


HMS Cumberland

Model of 74-gun ship HMS Cumberland

Ship Model created in a very rare style of "vintage" famous master Alexey Baranov. 1:36 Scale Model.



Model battleship "Panteleimon Victoria" (second version of the reconstruction)

Scale of model is 1:48. Model ship built the famous Russian master Alexey Baranov



The linear ship "Panteleymon-Vyctoria"

In construction the rare technics of artificial ageing of metal and wood that makes model of two hundred year's prescription similar to a museum piece is applied. Natural materials are used only: wood of a pear, an ebony, a decor from a box. All wooden details are exposed to artificial ageing. The artillery and metal details are made of alloys of silver and copper, a brass, steel with the subsequent ageing.


Queen Victory

Imperial yacht "Queen Victoria"

The Emperors yacht.
Historically authentic draughts that are kept in the Central Naval Museum of St. Petersburg were used in her construction. Only precious woods such as Mahogany, American Cherry, Pear and others were used. Metal accessories are made from brass.
Scale 1:32. Length 1450 mm; Width 225 mm; Height 1020 mm


De Zeven Provincien

Model of the ship De Zeven Provincien

The model was created in the Admiralty classic style. The construction of the model continued for five years.



"Aurora" 44-cannon frigate of the Russian Imperial Navy.

Model 44 - cannon frigate Aurora was built by the famous Russian master Mikhail Bezverkhniy.



Corvette Model "Aurora"

Admiralty model corvette "Aurora" is building a well-known master Sergey Spasenko. 1:36 Scale Model.
The building is used very rare style of "vintage" (made old model).


Le Francois

Model ship Le Francois

French warship 5th rank 1683. Admiralty 1:48 scale model built the famous Russian master Narim Maygeldinov monograph on Jean-Claude Lemineur.


Le Boullongne

Model ship Le Boullongne

Admiralty model built the famous Russian master Mikhail Timofeyev.Scale Model 1:48



Model of 18 - gun corvette "Andromache"

Model corvette "Andromache" built the famous Russian master Michael Bezverhny. Scale models - 1:48



Model 24-Gun Frigate HMS Pandora

The model of a frigate Pandora is constructed in the classical Admiralty style.


La Renomme

French Frigate "La Renomme"

Model of frigate built in 2009 by master Svetlichnyi VG (St. Petersburg).


Le Rivoli

The linear ship "Le Rivoli"

Well-known Russian master Michael Bezverhny now builds the second model of the ship "Le Rivoli" under original drawings of the London national archive.



Imperial yacht "De Crone"

The Admiralty model of a yacht


La Curieuse

Schooner "La Curieuse"

A French ketch.
Scale 1:20


Le Ambiteux

The linear ship "Le Ambiteux"

A French battleship from 1680, the flagship of the Chevalier de Turville and one of the finest and most beautiful ships of the French Crown of the XVII century.
Scale 1:55. Length 1250 mm; Height 1118 mm; Width 565 mm



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