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  • Ship models, presented on our site illustrate the possibilities of the best masters. Any re-copy or other interests of the customer project are built only to order.

    Excellent quality, extremely rare and uniquely identifies a high demand for ship models built by us and do not allow, with rare exceptions, be available free-for-sale model. To obtain information or to initiate preliminary negotiations for the order model of the ship, make your request in a free form to e-mail: or call mobile:+38 (066) 098-92-38 

    For each vehicle model should be thoroughly discussed the terms of reference, which includes: the scale model, style, turnaround time, materials, and other emerging issues. The two sides sign an agreement stating the probable date of creation models, terms of payment and delivery.

    Building model starts only after the advance payment (30% -50%, depending on the complexity and the estimated cost of the project). In exceptional cases, a system of advance payment of 100%, with a mandatory right to obtain discounts on the project estimate the model, at a rate of no more than 10% of the estimated cost.

    To order accessories ship models, you must make a request, and list the names of products, the number of items for each item.

    For contact, use:


    Phone: +38 (066) 098-92-38

  • Payment

    You can pay for your order in the following ways:

    • payable by means of money transfer systems in the recipient's name Western Union
    • Bank transfer

    Details are communicated to the customer when ordering.
    We do not use online money transfer. 




    For delivery of parts for ship models, we use the international postal service EMS. Shipping cost is 50 euros to one kilo of parcel post.

    For the delivery of ship models, transport companies are used to guarantee the maximum safety of the delivered cargo. Sometimes the master delivers the model to the customer on his own, accompanying the model on the way. In this case, the customer pays the costs associated with the delivery of models.


    Contact Information:

    If you decide to order, or you have any questions,  suggestions, please contact one of the following methods:

    ·  E-mail:

    · Phone: +38 (066) 098-92-38 


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