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Model expeditionary sloop "Neva"


The model of the Russian expeditionary sloop "Neva" was built by master Alexey Baranov on a scale of 1:48. This is the first and only model - the reconstruction of the sloop Neva, made according to the preserved archival documents. The model is constructed from pink alpine pear and southern walnut wood.

The Neva (1802–1813) is a Russian three-masted sailing sloop, commanded by Yu. F. Lisyansky, who participated in the first Russian round-the-world voyage, together with the sloop Nadezhda, commanded by I. F. Krusenstern.

In the autumn of 1802, the Naval Ministry commanded Lieutenant Lisyansky together with the shipmaster Razumov to England to purchase two sloops and a piece of equipment for the expedition. The choice fell on the 16-gun sloop "Leander" with a displacement of 450 tons and the 14-gun sloop "Thames" with a displacement of 370 tons. The Thames was renamed the Neva.

Neva Made three round the world travel. Made the first visit of Russian sailors to Australia. In the last journey to the shores of Alaska, the sloop Neva flew onto the rocks and sank in stormy weather on the night of January 9, 1813.


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