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Model of 74-gun ship HMS Cumberland

The ship is named after the English county of Cumberland. HMS "Cumberland" (1774) - 74-gun ship from the line of 3 rows of the Royal Navy. She belonged to the type of Elizabeth, a series of seven ships of the same type, built by the shipmaster ThomasSlade.

The ship was commissioned by June 8, 1768. Laid on January 7, 1769 at the royal shipyard in Deptford and launched on March 29, 1774. January 8, 1780 in the squadron Rodney (Captain Peyton) took part in the attack on the Spanish fleet of ships. January 16 as part of the same squadron took part in the "Battle of the moonlight." June 20, 1783 participated in the Battle of Cuddalore. Troubleshooting in Portsmouth in 1805.

The model of the ship was created in a very rare “vintage” style of the famous master Alexey Baranov. Scale model 1:36.

The model of the HMS "Cumberland" ship in 1774 on a scale of 1:36 was built in a single copy. The plan excludes duplicate copies. The type of ship Elizabeth has six similar ships that can be built using the HMS "Cumberland" base on the same scale.








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