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Model of the Linear ship "Panteleymon-Vyctoria"2

Panteleimon Victoria, Russian, 66-gun ship of the line, 1721.
The construction of the ship began on March 22, 1719 in the St. Petersburg Admiralty. The ship was built by the famous French shipmaster Blaise Pangalo and launched on July 27, 1721. Blaise Pangalo built a ship on his own project in the French style. The ship was named in honor of Gangut (1714) and Grengam (1720) victories on the day of St. Panteleimon (July 27). Victoria (Victory) on the day of St. Panteleimon over the Swedish fleet. In 1722 - 1727 the ship was part of the Baltic Fleet and, in practice, sailed in the Gulf of Finland. From 1728 he stood at the Kronstadt harbor, and not in service. In 1734 he moved from Kronstadt to Revel. Disassemble decay in 1736.
The model of the ship was built by the famous Russian master Alexei Baranov in a very rare vintage style. Only natural materials are used: pear wood, ebony, metal parts are made by the method of precision casting of brass.
The scale of the model is 1:48.
Length: 1,520 mm
Width: 730 mm
Height: 1230 mm



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