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Corvette Aurora

Corvette Aurora

Corvette "Aurora" (civilian pleasure craft) was built on the money of the Marquis De Kurtavo (de Courtanvaux), member of the French Royal Academy of Sciences, in order to test in real conditions of maritime navigation chronometers Pierre Leroy.

For the construction of the corvette Marquis drew the famous French designer and graphic designer Nicolas Ozanam (Nicolas Ozanne). On its engravings it captured the corvette launching in May 1767 in Le Havre. Captain-Commander "Aurora" by royal decree from 19 April 1767 he was appointed Mathieu Chopin (Mathieu Chopin). In early June 1767 the corvette went on its maiden voyage to Amsterdam, where safely and arrived on July 11th. After the return of the corvette was laid up in Le Havre until March 1769, until it was sold to the French Royal Navy for 30 000 pounds. Corvette changed its name to 'Little Aurora »(Petite Aurore) and port of registry at Brest. Excluded from the lists of the fleet in 1775.

Admiralty model corvette "Aurora" is building a well-known master Sergey Spasenko.
1:36 Scale Model.
The building is used very rare style of "vintage" (made old model).


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